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Arranging urgent travel from any other country

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You cannot submit an urgent online application to renew your passport.


What does ‘urgent travel’ mean?

Urgent travel means you need to leave the country you are in within ten (10) working days. Don’t count any Saturday or Sunday when working out the number of days between now and your departure date.


Are you overseas and need to travel urgently?

If you are not in New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom and you need to travel urgently, AND

  • your passport has been lost or stolen, has expired or been damaged, AND
  • if you apply for a new passport at a New Zealand Passport Office, the passport would not arrive in time for your travel.

Then you may apply for an for an emergency travel document at your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission.

Emergency travel documents are usually only valid for 1 month, to enable you to return to New Zealand or your country of residence.

You will then need to return your emergency travel document and apply for a new passport at your nearest New Zealand Passport Office.

If you plan to travel through several countries or if you need a long-term visa, it may be better to apply for a new passport as multiple entry visas, residence permits and other "long-life" endorsements should not be entered into an emergency travel document.

The cost of an emergency travel document includes the cost of a replacement passport, provided you apply for your passport BEFORE the emergency travel document expires.


Upgrading an existing application

If you have already submitted your application, and you’re waiting for us to process your form and issue your passport, you may be able to upgrade your application and get your passport sooner.

Call the Passport office where you sent your application to be processed and tell us you have already lodged an application.

You will need to pay the difference between a standard application, and either the urgent or callout fee depending on how quickly you need to travel.


How much does an urgent passport cost?

You can apply for an urgent passport at the New Zealand Passport office in New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom. The fee charged depends on the country where you are sending your application to be processed.

Find out about the fees for adult passports, and the fees for child passports.


If travel is due to the death of a family member or serious illness

The callout or urgent service fee won’t be payable if we are satisfied that the need to travel involves death or serious illness.

You need to provide written proof explaining the reason for travel when you apply, or pay the full urgent or callout fee upfront, and provide evidence later.

Acceptable evidence must be written in English and includes:

  • a death certificate
  • a death notice published in a newspaper
  • a copy of the order of a funeral service, OR
  • a letter on an official letterhead from a hospital, doctor, police or funeral director supporting the need for travel.

If you’re not sure, contact your nearest Passport office and we’ll do our best to help you.

If evidence is provided after you’ve been issued a passport, the urgent or callout fee will be refunded. This can take 4 to 6 weeks from the date you give us your evidence.


Guaranteed processing times

Avoid delays

We will only start processing your application after we have received a correctly completed application form. You also need to have paid the applicable fee and given us all supporting information that’s required, including acceptable photos.


What to do if you are in New Zealand, Australia or the United Kingdom

You can: