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Apply for an emergency travel document – application checklist

Important: You cannot apply online for a Emergency Travel Document.

Here’s a checklist to help you avoid mistakes and delays

Check the following information carefully to make sure you have provided all the information we require and that you have any supporting documents we require ready to send to us. If you are required to send documents you need to send originals. Do not send photocopies or certified copies. All of your original documents will be returned to you with your emergency travel document.

On this page:

Avoid delays

Check you have answered all the questions on the form which are related to you. We can only process your application if you complete the form accurately. If you miss out any details or get them incorrect, we may need to contact you and there may be a delay in the processing of your application. You must send the complete application form, even if some pages have not been filled in and there are empty fields.


Is your form complete?

Have you checked your application and ensured it has been correctly completed?
  • Read each question again and make sure you have followed all of the instructions.
Have you written the correct payment amount for your application?
  • Remember to check the amount is correct with the nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission. Payments are made in the currency of the country where you are submitting your application.
Are your replacing a lost or stolen passport or other travel document?
  • Make sure you have signed the declaration for a lost or stolen document at section 3.
Is the travel document for a child under the age of 16?
  • Make sure you have signed the declaration of consent at section 5.
Have you signed section 7 of the form?
  • Read each of the statements shown in the declaration. Your emergency travel document application is a legal document. Penalties apply if you make a false or misleading statement in an attempt to get a New Zealand travel document.
Have you included 2 identical colour photos that are no more than 6 months old?
  • Check your photos are not damaged.
  • Check you have completed and signed the back of one of your photos.


Will you need to send any documents?

Check the following information carefully. In some circumstances we may need to contact you for further information if we cannot verify your information electronically using records already held by us.

Avoid delays

If you are required to send original documents that are not written in English you must also provide officially translated versions.

  • You should use an approved translator that is approved by the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • We also accept official translations of documents into English by the issuing Government agency or a New Zealand diplomatic post. We will accept translations made by a court in the country of origin if they have been authenticated by that country's diplomatic post in New Zealand.

Section 3 – Your New Zealand passport

You still have your New Zealand passport
  • Send your most recent New Zealand passport or New Zealand travel document.
Your New Zealand passport was lost or stolen
  • Send:
    • A local police report if available
    • One form of photo identification (such as a copy of your driver’s licence), AND
    • One form of other identification (may also have a photo).