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10 year passports are coming!

If you're a NZ citizen aged 16 years and over you can apply for a 10 year passport from 30 November 2015.

If we receive your application before 30 November 2015, we’ll issue you a 5 year passport.

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Image 10 year passports from 30 November

Important Passport Information

10-year passports after law change

Select committee recommends: 10 year passports from 30 November (Beehive website 24/08/15)

10-year passports enable reduction in annual cost (Beehive website 25/05/15)

Fees, processing and delivery times

Processing times only start once we have a complete and accurate application. You can also apply in either Australia or the United Kingdom. International courier fees may also be charged when you submit your form.

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Saved an incomplete online application?

If you've started filling out the form to renew your adult passport and saved an incomplete form you have 7 days to finish your application.

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