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Apply for an emergency travel document – personal details

Important: You cannot apply online for a Emergency Travel Document.

Your personal details and previous passport details

Read all the instructions in the guide section of the form, the following is only a summary. Fill in and check your form carefully to avoid delays when your application is processed.

On this page:


Application section 1 – Your personal details

Your name

This is the name that appears in your most recent passport. Write your name exactly as it appeared in your last passport.

Only your officially registered name can be used on your emergency travel document.

  • You cannot use nicknames or names you are ‘commonly known as’.
  • You must use the name exactly as it appears in your most recent passport.

Your height and eye colour

Make sure you provide this information. We cannot process your application if you don’t fill in this section. If you don’t know your height in centimetres:


Application section 3 – Your New Zealand passport details

This section asks you to confirm what has happened to your New Zealand passport, and to confirm some of your passport details. Depending on your situation you may need to provide a police report when you submit your application.

Reporting the loss or theft to police

Was your passport or travel document lost or stolen overseas?

  • You must report the loss or theft to local police.
  • You must also get a copy of a police report or be able to provide us with a reference number.


Depending on which country you are in, police reference numbers may be called different things.

If you are not sure, ask the local police to confirm what the number is when you report the loss or theft.

Passport details

You should take a photocopy of the photo page of your passport with you when you are travelling and leave a copy of it with a relative or friend who can be contacted in the event you lose all your baggage while overseas.

Example photo page from a New Zealand passport showing how your personal and passport details are displayed.

We need to confirm your passport details:
  • your passport number
  • the place it was issued
  • the date it was issued, AND
  • how the passport was lost, stolen or damaged (if applicable).

Avoid delays

Remember to sign and date the declaration.