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Apply for a child passport - your child’s witness and photos

A witness completes part of your child’s application form to confirm your child’s identity

The witness must have a New Zealand passport and cannot be related to your child or live at the same address as your child. Read the following section carefully to make sure you and your child’s witness fill out the application form correctly.

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Who can be your child's witness

Your child's witness MUST

  • be 16 years of age or older
  • hold a valid New Zealand passport
  • have known your child for 1 year or more (or since birth if your child is under 1 year old)
  • have a daytime contact telephone number, AND
  • be prepared to provide details such as their date of birth and home address.

Your identity referee MUST NOT

  • be a relative (for example your identity referee cannot be your parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin), OR
  • live at the same address as your child.

How to fill in page 9 of the application form correctly

Complete the top of page 9. Do not write anything in the witness section, your witness must do this in their own handwriting.


Application section 11 - Witness section

Avoid delays

DO NOT fill in any information in this section, your child’s witness must complete this section in their own handwriting.

Checklist for section 11

  • Make sure your child's witness completes all the questions.
  • Make sure they sign and date the bottom of page 9.
  • Make sure they have completed and signed the back of one of your child’s photos.


How to attach your child's photos to their application

Photo checklist

  • Check the example passport photos to make sure your child's photo meets the requirements.
  • You need to provide 2 identical photos that are less than 6 months old.
  • If your child is a baby, we recommend you lay them flat on the floor on a plain sheet. This ensures their head remains supported and the background of the photo will be acceptable.
  • Your child's photos must be in colour. Your photo will be incorporated into the page containing the security chip in the front of your passport but it will be in black and white. The colour version of your photo is stored electronically on the security chip itself.
  • Put your child's photos into a sealed envelope or a plastic bag and attach the envelope or bag to your child's application form
  • DO NOT staple, pin or glue your photos on to the page

Avoid delays

Be careful with your child's photos. Make sure they are not damaged, bent, or creased when you submit your child's application form. If the photos are damaged this will delay the processing of your child's application.