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Renew your adult passport - will you send or deliver your form?

Choose a delivery method that best suits your travel plans and your current location. Leave enough time for your application to arrive at the Passport office, including the number of working days it will take us to issue your passport, and the delivery time to get it back to you.

Your previous passport

You are not required to send your New Zealand passport to us. Once your application has been received your previous New Zealand passport will be cancelled and cannot be used for travel.

New Zealand Passport office locations

Map of New Zealand Passport office locations in New Zealand
Map of Australia New Zealand Passport office location in Australia
Map of the United Kingdom New Zealand Passport office location in the United Kingdom

New Zealand Embassies, High Commission and Consulate offices

Map of the world showing North America, South America and Africa

In all other countries

We will contact you if we need to

If anything is wrong, or if we need more information, we will contact you by letter usually within 3 to 5 working days after we have received a standard application, or we will call you if there's a problem with an urgent application.

Now's a good time for you to go to and register your travel plans. While you're there, check the travel advisories for countries you are travelling to.

If your travel becomes urgent

If you are waiting for your passport to be issued and your need to travel becomes urgent, faster processing options may be available.

  • You can upgrade a standard passport application to an urgent application for an additional fee, and your passport will usually be issued within 3 working days.
  • Contact us if you need to travel immediately, and make an appointment to use our after hours service.
  • Contact us if it's a family emergency, and we will do our best to get your passport issued quickly. You may not have to pay the urgent or after hours fees, or it may be refunded after your passport has been issued.
Learn more about urgent travel and how we can help you

When your new passport arrives